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Skiathos is the closest to mainland Greece from the Sporades islands, a short distance from the southern shores of Pelion.

Access to the island is made by boat from the main port of Skiathos, while the Skiathos National Airport "Alexandros Papadiamantis" provides an air connection with Athens, Thessaloniki and cities of Europe.

During your stay on the island, a rental car from Imperial Car Rental will provide you with convenient travels everywhere.

Skiathos is inhabited since prehistoric times, from Pelasgians and later Cretans. Since ancient times until today it has always been called Skiathos. The city of Skiathos was a constant ally of the Athenians. In 338 BC came to the rule of the Macedonians, living peacefully until 200 BC. destroyed by the Roman fleet. We do not have much information about the Byzantine period. It is known, however, that the island suffered much from pirate raids. The phenomenon of piracy continued both during the short Venetian occupation and in the Ottoman domination. Skiathos contributed significantly with her navy to the Greek Revolution of 1821, until her liberation and union with the Greek state.

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Explore the lush island with the ease of transportation offered by the rental vehicle from Imperial Car Rental, starting point to the town of Skiathos. Built in the place of the ancient city and the old Byzantine Empire, the current capital of the island is a cosmopolitan center with excellent tourist infrastructure.

Its large natural harbor, insured by four green islands and the beautiful Bourtzi Castle, is a picturesque haven of pleasure boats, while paved streets and whitewashed houses with tiles add a special charm that conquers the visitor.

Greece Skiathos Car Rental

An important attraction is the well-preserved house-museum of the "saint of Greek letters" Alexandros Papadiamantis who was born and lived here.

In the Bay of Skiathos there is the wetland of Lake St. George, while in the central and eastern part of the island extends the Aesthetic Forest of Skiathos.

With the comfort of travel offered by Imperial Car Rental, visit the medieval city of the 14th century Castle, a refuge from the attacks of the pirates, with its beautiful, homonymous beach, in the northernmost end of the island, in a magnificent location of wild natural beauty .

Admire the circular building of the frythoria at Pyrgi and the Evangelistria Monastery in the northeastern part of Skiathos mountain range.

Skiathos Car Hire Troulos

Meet the picturesque settlements of Kalyvia, Kolios with the sandy beach of Platanias, Troulos with its adjacent round tower and the ruins of the early Christian basilica of Agia Sophia, Koukounaries with the beautiful beaches.

Also worth visiting are the historic churches of the city with their relics, as well as the ruins of an Early Christian basilica of the 4th century AD.

Explore by boat the sea caves of Skiathos, Punta, Founta and Altaans.

Imperial Car Rental Rentals give you quick access to over 60 beaches of Skiathos.

Lalaria, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, is located at the northeastern end of the island, with green waters, round white pebbles, whitish cliffs and Trypia Petra on its edge.

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The beaches of Lechouni, Megas Gialos, Xanemos, with the ruins of prehistoric settlement, Megali Ammos next to the town of Skiathos, Achladies, Kanapitsa, Diamanti, Vromolimnos, Kolios, Agia Paraskevi, Troulos, Maratha, Koukounaries, the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean , with a golden sand, a forest that reaches the sea and the rare wetland of the Strofilia lagoon, Big Banana or Krasas, Little Banana, Agia Eleni, Mandraki, Port of Xerxes, Elia, Agistros, Big and Small Asseinos with turquoise water and gold

In Skiathos, fun on holiday has evolved into an art that you will be inspired and become a fan of exploring the island with the comfort of the Imperial Car Rental car rental service.

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Rental Cars Skiathos Destinations

  • Achladies
  • Koukounaries
  • Skiathos Airport
  • Skiathos Port
  • Skiathos Town
  • Troulos
  • Troulos Beach
  • Vassilias Beach

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